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february 23, 2023

Rácz Aranka

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“Data driven decision-making to make molding a success”

For 2022 and 2023 as well, Cavity Eye’s one of the most important goal is to build international connections. We are on a good path since as of now we have sales agent or distributor in eight countries. One of the most recent partnership agreements is with Carlos Cazares from Proplastic Manufacturing Solutions who handles the projects in Mexico. After the recent distributor meeting at our headquarter in Hungary, we had the chance to ask him to share his thoughts about the cooperation.

Please, introduce yourself!

Hello, my name is Carlos Cazares and have been working in the plastics industry for about 10 years. Most of my experience comes from product development & engineering and the combination of different technologies into the molding process operation in automotive and medical companies.
In 2018 I started my own business Proplastic Manufacturing Solutions focused on providing engineering solutions for the injection molding industry from injection molding simulations, process and tooling optimization, training and consultancy and implementation of different molding technologies.

How did you meet Cavity Eye?

I was introduced to Cavity Eye in 2022 and was able to be part of the team at the very first installation in Mexico. From there on Cavity Eye invited me to be part of the distributor team to help grow the business in the Mexican market.

How do you perceive Cavity Eye products and service team?

Having previous experience working with other pressure sensor brands, I was really impressed by the ease of use, simple but very robust system Cavity Eeye offers. The engineering team and support staff is very dedicated to their work and are committed to the Cavity Eye philosophy and not just the product itself. Support is always there when needed.

What do you think how benefits the cooperation between your company and Cavity Eye the present and future customers?

Cavity Eye and Proplastic’s philosophy match perfectly and provide great tools to help our customers achieve their end goal. Cavity Eye pressure sensors and in-depth process consultancy stablish solid foundation to further expand the solutions our customers are looking for either in technology, engineering or training.

What do you bring and what Cavity Eye brings to the table in this cooperation?

The combined experience between Cavity Eye and Proplastic in injection molding process and engineering along with the hands-on data driven practical approach from both companies will guarantee a complete satisfaction from our customers that looking a partner they can trust in a long-term basis.

Any closing thoughts?

Data driven decision-making is a key factor in making molding a success. All the engineering work and different molding technologies must converge together to accomplish the final goal of maintaining a high productivity and competitive company and improve the knowledge level of the people involved in that process and our customers need to feel that working together with us will lead them into that direction.