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april 05, 2022

Rácz Aranka

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„Quality control and production optimisation are the keys to success”

The cooperation between the Italian Sverital and Cavity Eye

The international presence of Cavity Eye was growing continuously through the recent years. It started with the German representation in 2018, then followed with Spain in 2019 and Italy at the end of 2021.

Our first encounter with our Italian partner, Sverital was in 2018 at Plast Milan – said Szabolcs Horváth, head of project department at Cavity Eye – but only at K-2019 fair could we take steps towards a potential distribution agreement. Although the pandemic hindered our efforts, we started our cooperation at the end of last year.

As part of the cooperation the Cavity Eye project engineers already travelled to Italy earlier this year to work on a project together. And the representative of Sverital, Gianpietro Santoiemma also visited the Cavity Eye headquarters in Kecskemét, Hungary in order to strengthen the connection between the two companies and to gain a deeper understanding of the Cavity Eye solutions and products.
During this time we took the opportunity to conduct a short interview with him:

C.E. Please introduce yourself briefly
G.S. My name is Gianpietro Santoiemma, I’m 55 years old and I’ve been working in the plastic industry for more than 30 years. I started as designer of hot runner systems, then I worked in sales at ARBURG for 15 years. My career continued as Sales Engineer in the hot runner industry and finally at the Italian distributor of Dr. BOY GmbH. February this year I joined Sverital as Product Manager of the business unit “Die & Mold Making Technology”.

C.E.How did you meet Cavity Eye?
G.S. Cavity Eye was not new to me because I like to read articles on the specialist magazines and web sites and the Cavity Eye brand had caught my attention. When I was told that Sverital had recently started a cooperation with Cavity Eye, I was proud to know that I would be the responsible Product Manager.

C.E.How do you perceive Cavity Eye products and service team?
G.S. Cavity Eye is a very innovative company in the injection moulding industry. Its cutting-edge technology allows the manufacturer to monitor accurately the quality of the production and drastically reduce waste. Also, the collection of the data is useful to predict errors and avoid them. The service team is the reflection of their engineering: meticulous, accurate, and dedicated.

C.E. In your opinion how this cooperation benefits the present and future customers?
G.S. Partnership attitude was always the Sverital approach with customers. That was very clear since I joined the company. For this reason, we want to push the manufacturer to achieve high standards and advice them with breakthroughs. The Cavity Eye engineering is welcomed by a few customers who take advantage of the actual evidence today. But I am sure the spread of the extraordinary results in the medium-long period will foster new users.

C.E. What brings Cavity Eye to the table and what Sverital?
G.S. The future-proof sight by the Cavity Eye team and Sverital the deep knowledge (72 years of practice) for sure. I think this is the right mix to serve the Made in Italy creators of tomorrow.

C.E.Any closing thoughts?
G.S. Quality control and production optimization are the keys to success and Cavity Eye and Sverital together are definitely the right partners in the plastic processing industry!

The first joint appearance of the two professional companies will happen on Mecspe exhibition in Bologna from 9 to 11 June 2022. Visit and meet us personally! Your inquiry is welcome at


Cavity Eye engineering team and Gianpietro Santoiemma from Sverital