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june 03, 2024

Rácz Aranka

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3. Cavity Eye motorbike tour


The Cavity Eye motorcycle tour was organized for the 3rd time, with the largest number of people so far. Our colleague Brúnó Bujdosó tells about his experiences:


This year the motorbike season started in spring at Cavity Eye. This is the third time we saddled up and spent the weekend with our partners and colleagues. Our motorbike tour is slowly becoming a tradition…

This year’s departure was a little bit different from before. Instead of the Cavity Eye headquarters in Kecskemét the meeting place was at the Bence Hill Lookout near Velence Lake. Thus, we were already preparing early in the morning and packing the necessary things in the “safety car”. While the car went ahead to the meeting point on the highway, the motorbike team – aka me, my wife and Csaba – chose the main road, of course.

It was an interesting feeling to be on the road with just the Kawasaki and Honda as if we were not going on a tour…  I started to ease up as the team began to grow. First András and his partner joined us with a Harley, then at Solt, our tour leader, Szabolcs.

The 140 km to Velence Lake went by fast, and we arrived at the lookout at Bence Hill. Beautiful sunny weather greeted the more 25 participants. We greeted each other, had some water, coffee, and cheese scones. Szabolcs introduced the program, then we held a briefing on the rules of riding together. We decided to keep the group together as much as possible, Csaba and I took up the task of closing.

As bikers, what else would have been our first destination if not a good serpentine in Pilis and a notable pub… After a couple kilometers the team started to tune into each other, motoring more and more orderly in the beautiful Pilis. Personally, I liked this part the most. After 1,5 hours we arrived at Teca Pub, where we took pictures, drank some refreshments, and talked a bit.

After that we left for Vaskapu Restaurant in Esztergom. Tibi went ahead to record the passing of our motorcycle team on video. When we arrived at the restaurant and everybody choose what they wanted, the waiter warned us that we might have to move because a rainstorm was coming. A good biker is not afraid of road turns or such, but it is different with rain! Our smile was not sincere hearing the news, but fortunately, the rain clouds changed direction and the pleasantly warm summer weather remained.




It is always harder to gather the team together after lunch, but shortly after, we were ready to go. Unfortunately, one the motorbike had a technical error that could not be fixed even after several attempts, so one of the safety cars stayed back to drop it off at a safe place.


The team was in still in Esztergom when unexpectedly caught in a heavy thunderstorm. Fortunately, most could take cover. Szabolcs, my wife and I were not that lucky; we got soaked before we could find some cover at the Párkányi Bridge…


After the rain subsided, we crossed the bridge and continued our journey in the territory of old Hungary. Suddenly, we saw a huge smoke on the mountainside. At first, I thought that something had caught on fire, but seemed unlikely after the rain. We found out soon that it was a real steam locomotive, which accompanied our team while the rails run parallel to the road. The passengers were waving at us, and we even got an extra honk from the train.

We were slowly getting closer to our destination, but we had to feed our mounts, so we stopped at a gas station in Szob. I started to feel the kilometers we covered and the fatigue of closing. I was looking forward to arriving at the accommodation.


We finally arrived at our destination Diósjenő, around 6 in the evening. The accommodation was great. Everyone took their rooms, and we started to get to know our local environment. And what else would we have been doing other then go to the "office" – we visited the local pub…

The atmosphere become great in a short time. We talked about our experiences and were happy that we had arrived without any accident. Soon the dinner was ready, and we walked back to the accommodation.


Before dinner, András mentioned the importance of enjoying our time together with our family, our colleagues. And Cavity Eye team reached the point where they can also feel comfortable with members of partner companies.

It felt good to think back on the day. The motorcycle team, which had barely known each other, got used to each other and could safely motor together the whole time according to plan.

After dinner, the local and homemade pálinka were compared to see which one was the better. The good-natured conversations continued until 2 in the morning.


The next morning, we had delicious homemade breakfast and planned which group would go in what direction. Our team left for Kecskemét and on the way home we had lunch and some great conversations.

We were sorry that the weekend went by so quickly. During the two day we travelled more than 700 km through beautiful places with about 20 bikes and 28 participants.


Thank you to everyone for participating, and to my colleagues for organizing. We hope that the participants had a good time and that we can continue our tradition next year. Looking forward to welcoming you on the next Cavity Eye motorbike tour!