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october 22, 2020

Rácz Aranka

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AGS and Cavity Eye strategic partnership

The engineers of Cavity Eye and AGS Engineering have been cooperating with each other for several years. The control of injection moulding process and technological knowledge together with knowledge of mould manufacturing gives completely new opportunities for the industry.


Mould manufacturing and injection moulding technology together guarantee for an error and problem-free long-term manufacturing. The cooperation between the engineers is very important through the whole process, starting from planning the tool through process validation to the adaptation in the mass production. In our experience the launch time of the mould can be reduced at least by half and this way the number of mould tests and the extra costs can be minimized. According to the terms of the cooperation AGS Engineering undertook to prepare all of their mould for the possible use of Cavity Eye sensors free of charge, meanwhile Cavity Eye provide free validation service and expert consultation for the first mould test.


During a project, the cooperation is starting in the planning phase since Cavity Eye determines the sensor positions. Cavity Eye engineers install the sensors into the finished mould, after that they use DOE together with the customer to define the process window and with the modifications of the mould.


During our first joint project it has been proven that the cavity pressure based technologization can take a really short time and the process window can be defined. A definite decision can be made to modify the technology or mould when a product is unable to meet the requirements (dimensions, mechanical stress, surface). Based on the measured data the machine and process capability can be clearly determined. Thanks to AGS’s experience in mould manufacturing, any modification can be done quickly, flexibly, and properly at first. We can examine a product-related problem form a technology and mould design side, when our findings can controversial, because without cavity pressure measuring, we do not know what is happening in the mould. In professional questions we offer our customers support based on measured data so they can reach the solution in the shortest way.