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july 11, 2022

Rácz Aranka

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Cavity Eye Hungary Kft celebrated its 10-year anniversary!

The past Cavity Eye pressure measuring technology is going back to 2005, when András Szűcs PhD started research about cavity pressure measurement at the then Kecskemét Collage which is now called Janos Neumann University. The experiments showed that in industrial environment the use of piezoelectric sensors – which were used during the research – is limited and can be difficult in a lot of case. This is how the idea was born to develop a sensor which is capable to function stably for a long time in the injection moulds.

For the 10-year anniversary of the company we talked with one of the founders of the Cavity Eye technology about the company’s early days.

C.E. What led to the development of the Cavity Eye technology and founding of the company?
Sz. A. From 2005 I participated in a research on cavity pressure measurement, then in 2011 we started the development of our own sensor and data collecting system. The Cavity Eye Hungary Kft. was founded in 2012, that time it still operated on the college’s ground. In 2014 was the company’s spin-off from the college and the start of its business operation. Now we have representatives on the main continents, and we operate with about 30 employees.

C.E. What difficulties have you faced during the early days?
Sz. A. The biggest difficulty was to decide if we should use outside investment. At last, we made the in retrospective very good decision to finance the company’s technical and business development from our own resources. Due the limited budge we worked really cost effectively, but at same time we were able to manage the technology and changes very flexibly.

C.E. How do you view the company’s development through the years?
Sz. A. The company walked a very different path than we anticipated. Compared to the initial ideas, we had to face completely different challenges and experienced advantages that we did not expect.

C.E. In your opinion, what is the most significant moment through the lifespan of the company?
Sz. A. The first orders, because those started to keep the company alive. We did not need to put more resources in, the company started to sustain itself. Other significant moment was when international professionals started to recognize and support the brand. János Györgyi for example who acknowledged that this is a technology and a team which is worth to manage.

C.E. What are the plans for the future?
Sz. A. To achieve a healthy, sustainable growth in both technology and business development, first in Europe, then North-America, and Asia. And to find the right professionals and built the suitable organisation for this.