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Cavity Pressure Monitoring

Cavity Eye system consists on the one hand out of pressure sensors installed in the injection molding tool. The second part of the system includes hardware and software that evaluates information from the injection molding machine and the internal pressure curves of each cavity in the tool.

Cavity Pressure Measuring - Overview

Have you ever had undetected short shot? Struggle with a customer complaint and tired of writing reports and action Plans? Maybe the mould launch process is longer than expected? We have the solution to eliminate all losses and maximize profit.


The profitable injection moulding process requires to use special materials, low cycle time, and a high number of mould cavities. As the number of cavities is increasing, the process becomes more and more complicated and the cavity to cavity differences remains undetected. We can consider our mould as a black box because we do not know what happens inside. We can monitor and control the process by automatically separate the good and bad parts. Together, we can find soution for these typical problems:


- Short shot and flash

- Cavity imbalance

- Complicated mould trials, startup difficulties

- Hot-runner problems

- Process instability

- Customer complaint

How much can you save?

In a typical molding plant where high quality parts are made in big quantity it is almost impossible to make 100% examination of the parts. Especially in the automotive or medical industry where 0 ppm scrap is the desired value by the customers. The automatical part separation will work instead of you even in the saturday night shift. Our network data collection possibilities guarantee that everybody can reach the right information at the right time to make decision and act.


The unexpected moulding costs can be simplified into two groups and shows the same way as we work together with our clients:

- Current expenses to avoid

- Short shot, flash, customer complaint, broken insert, production instability, downtime, lack of fix moulding technology, unsuccessful mould trials, unsuccessful production startup, dimension variation


- Future expenses to avoid

- Reduced number of mould trials (1-2 trial until approved part), fixed mould technology same product quality guaranteed by data, shorter time to market, data-based maintenance decisions not just by feelings, problemsolving time reduced to zero, engineers have answers and make decisions


We say that the best is if you can try it in your own factory and find the exact numbers together.

How does the system work?

We developed a system which is similar to one of the big ones from silicon valley:


- All of our hardware and software is developed and produced by us, in Hungary

- Engineers working in our project and sales team - We love to do injection moulding

- Every part of the system is designed to help the moulders, not to give extra work to them


Some of our fine details of the system which carry 5 years of development:


- Easiest sensor installation

- If you have a 30 year old 3-axis milling machine the tool modifications are made with that, the system will work. Install once and never need to take them out, the sensor lifetime is longer than the mould.


- No need to stop the production

- A new clamping and ejector plate is enough to make the installation during a planned maintenance.


- No more long approval process from the end customer

- Our way of sensor installation lets you to make it fully reversible.


- Automatic mould and technology identification

- Who want to care to browse and load the approved process for the mould? What if somebody loads a bad reference for part separation?


- Plug and play -

- Need a cavity pressure? Get plugs and a base unit. Need water flow data? Just get a flow plug and connect. Need machine signal? I think you realised what need to be done. Want a network data collection? Just connect your plugs to the cloud!

How can we start to work together?

We have a project team who is always ready to keep in touch and help where is a need. We have one golden rule:


We do not start a project if the return of investment is longer than 1 year.