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september 20, 2022

Rácz Aranka

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"Knowledge combined with sensor system makes a difference"

In 2022 we are discovering many cooperation possibilities with international companies and professionals in the injection molding field to extend the reach of the Cavity Eye technology. Through our new partnership we opened towards Italy, and in the first half of the year an official agreement was born between Cavity Eye and IBRK (aka Engineering Bureau Robert Kurzbauer) for them to be contractual partner for Austria and other German language area. We asked Robert Kurzbauer to share his thoughts about this cooperation.


  • Please introduce yourself in brief


Hello, my name is Robert Kurzbauer, I am 50 years old and have worked in the Plastic Industry for more than 30 years. 

I spent majority of my time with a major international EMS company where I was able to sharpen my plastic and tooling capabilities and grew professionally from beginner Engineering level to taking on Global Leadership roles. 

In 2021 I started my own business within Plastic Engineering to help and support my customers to be the best of the best in the industry, by applying all my knowledge, skills, and new technologies.


  • How did you meet Cavity Eye?


I met Cavity Eye the first time very early in 2015 in Hungary at a Technology Day, but until 2021 I wasn't much focused on the many benefits that cavity pressure sensing could give to an injection molder.

Over the years, assessing various cavity pressure systems for my Technology Group for my previous employer and CE always was highly rated in terms of robustness and quality.


In 2021 Cavity Eye invited me for a product presentation and I was very surprised how far the technology has developed. I have always been a fan of making injection molds more “intelligent” and of understanding the filling phase within the cavity.

In special what was really getting my full attention was how easy and quick the sensors can be applied in the mold and how quickly and easily you can find the right parameter for the molding process to produce quality parts.


  • How do you perceive Cavity Eye products and service team?


I think the product from Cavity Eye is not just the sensor it is much more, it is the complete package of all the products, services and the professional training that makes the real difference.

Within a few hours it is possible to have a machine setter trained to use the Cavity Eye system, and after a few weeks they would miss it, if the system was to be removed.

The CE team is always very supportive and always places the customer first. The in-depth molding process know how from Andras, and the team is an asset for every customer, they can monitor the molding processes and produce higher quality products.


  • What do you think how benefits the cooperation between your company and Cavity Eye the present and future customers?


What convinced me to work with CE was that they are not only a technology provider, but that they also provide advance process consulting, trouble shooting and different levels of basic and advance injection molding training from beginners to professional machine setters.

This deep process knowledge combined with this reliable sensor system is clearly the differentiator in the plastic industry.

CE offers standard products with customization for the individual molder or brand holder. This are also one of my values.

My cooperation with CE clearly will also help My customers to lift their capabilities to the next level, particularly to reduce their scrap, downtime and labor costs will be important for them. 



  • What do you bring and what Cavity Eye brings to the table in this cooperation?


My customers should get from my partners and myself always a simple sustainable standardised and easy solution for their daily challenges now and in future.

CE and Robert Kurzbauer have together an excellent WW network of potential customers, who appreciate to work with both companies.

Clear focus for both partners is on the training and education on the molding process technicians and on the process monitoring for our customers. The best technology does not help customers when people on the shopfloor cannot understand it and are not able to take the necessary corrective actions.


  • Any closing thoughts?


There are a lot of technologies for injection molding available on the market but in the center of all our work should always be the tools and skillset to help our technicians and engineers in their daily life in production.

The technology should be not making the work more complex or difficult, I think the key is training and education with an openness for new things to be more competitive on the market.

Reduced energy consumption and waste in all kinds of forms contributes to the boom line results of every company and gives them a very short time frame for return of investment for sure.


Robert Kurzbauer during Cavity Eye’s injection molding training