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november 08, 2021

Rácz Aranka

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Exhibition summary

Professional fairs play a significant role in Cavity Eye’s life and continuous development. Our goal is to build and improve trust and to show our new developments to our visitors. The pandemic limited the organisation of the exhibitions, but in the second half of the year we were finally able to build our stand in several country.

We asked our project leader, Szabolcs Horváth about the events of the last period:


We were participating at professional fairs even before the pandemic, from where first came the idea to attend as exhibitor?

On professional exhibitions the visitors are usually seek out specifically the partners who are important to them, so the personal presence is essential. That way a lot of potential customer has the chance to personally see the technology. And it is also an opportunity for us to build personal connections and have face to face conversations.

At the injection moulding exhibitions we can reach the decision makers for whom our developments could be interesting and valuable. At fairs we can introduce our new and special technology to a wider audience, and it makes easier to reach the professionals in the injection moulding industry.

We have been present as exhibitors at the German K-Messe since 2013 and at Fakuma since 2015. To take a stronger stance overseas we participated at the American NPE fair in 2018. Thanks to our partnership this year for the first time we participated at the Equiplast exhibition in Barcelona.


What should we know about these fairs?

Kuteno is a regional fair, the smallest one of the above mentioned, most of its visitors came from its direct area. The style of the fair is also unusual, its main focus are building connections and professional information exchange with the help of “meet and eat” locations. Significant number of the Fakuma visitors, about 60-70% comes from Germany. Fakuma is one of the most significant fairs in Europe, it takes place every year when there is no K-Messe. The number of the participants at Equiplast were greatly decreased due pandemic, so it took place in only one hall.

The professional exhibitions are not just about injection moulding, the manufacturers of the injection moulding equipment and raw material are also attending, from the polymer granule through injection moulding machine till the auxiliary and post processing equipment.

The virus situation had significant effect on the fairs, you could feel it in the number of visitors, but thanks to our presence we still could organise several online meetings with our partners.


You mentioned that the decision makers attending the fairs, how much they know about our products and services?

A decision maker in the injection moulding industry is always interested in how our technology can make the plant’s life easier, increase the production standard while reducing costs. Many have heard about cavity pressure measuring, but not many know that it has other applications besides to identify the good and bad products. If we observe the processes in the cavity of the injection mould directly then we can draw conclusions about more than just product quality. The continuous monitoring of the mould condition, material change, and process capability opens new areas in maintenance and failure analysis methods. Decision making based on data results in significant cost reduction and time saving.

Every injection moulding plant’s goal: to deliver the right quality product for the customer in time. Not expected events (mould error, short shot, complaint) comes with significant additional cost, which can lead to the decrease or even disappearance of the profit. Cavity Eye is not just a pressure measuring sensor but a complex knowledge, which at the plant can be used to reduce cost and avoid unexpected cost and achieve more stable production of the higher quality products. New projects can be launched in shorter time therefore more business can be gained.


What kind of experience and insight did you gain at the exhibitions?

We see that the plastic industry is still strong. The increased demand for medical and consumer injection moulded product compensates the deceleration and uncertainty of the automotive industry.

Thanks to our appearance on the exhibitions, we were able to make contact with nearly 100 company and several international project will start in the future. We also launched our Italian partnership, besides that Portuguese, Chinese, Danish, Slovenian, Polish, and Slovak projects are also expected.


What professional fairs are planned for next year?

We are preparing for the next year’s K-Messe, we are already organising the injection moulding machine and equipment for our stand so our customers can observe our products in a simulated production environment. After the pandemic this could be the first fair where we expect similar visitor numbers as in 2019.

We will launch our Italian representation in 2022, so we plan to participate at larger exhibitions in Italy, and we also intend to appear at the regional German fairs together with our German representation.

Next year we would like to attend 3 or 4 bigger exhibitions, which plays a key role in building a brand and making connections.

Cavity Eye’s strategic goal is to offer a complex solution to the customers which can help improve the injection moulding processes and efficiency. Therefore in 2022 besides the exhibitions, our focus will be on our own training center where we plan to organise not just standard injection moulding trainings but workshops and open days too. Our goal with the trainings is to ensure an opportunity for our customers for further improvement especially in Hungary, and from 2023 internationally too.