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february 15, 2022

Rácz Aranka

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Fundraiser event supported by Cavity Eye Hungary Kft.

Cavity Eye Hungary Kft. supported the fundraiser event of the local cat rescue organisation by offering coin replacement tokens on 12th February, Saturday.

The volunteers of the "Kecskeméti Cicamentők" collected both monetary and material donations. Every donor received a token with sticker of the kitten rescue.

“For us this a small offering, but for them it was a great help that they could give something to the kitten lovers and the promotional gifts did not cost them anything. We were glad to help” – said Marianna Csordás, the marketing manager of Cavity Eye Hungary Kft.

As a result of the event about 135000 forint cash were collected and two huge shopping cart were filled with cat food, toys, disinfectants and other supplies.