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september 18, 2019

Tatár Anikó

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K 2019: A world of pioneers

Dear Customer,


The Cavity Eye Hungary Kft. is going to participate at K Show in Düsseldorf which is the biggest plastic exhibition in Europe.


As usual, we are going to introduce innovative products and solutions at our booth.

First of all, the Cavity Eye Ring Cell Pressure Sensor, which is the most cost-effective choice in the industry to instrument an existing mold.

This year's fair was preceded by intensive development work in the field of networking. We not only provide a solution for our pressure measuring systems, but we also use innovative technology to connect other accessories of any type or age (temperature controller, dryer, feeder, central water cooler, etc.).

Our colleagues will be happy to help you throughout the fair, but if you indicate your intention in advance, we can provide a tailor-made demonstration and send you a one-day voucher for free.


Date: October 16-23, 2019

Place: , Germany, K Messe Düsseldorf, H11 G06


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