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Industry 4.0

We are at the edge of the 4th Industrial Revolution what will reform the current way of the factories. The common goal: gather the data, analyze and make the necessary interventions to increase productivity.

Case Study for cavity pressure data – the material absorbs water because of bad insulation

Technically we are able to receive the data like -24V to +24V analogue signals, 0-24V digital signals and protocol communication.


Some example of our solutions:

• Cavity Pressure and Temperature monitoring inside the mold

• Monitoring the process parameters of the injection molding machine

• Waterflow, temperature, pressure measurement and supervision

• Production monitoring system for different industries - from CNC to assembly machines

• Measuring electric consumption, temperature, heating performance •

Environment information - temperature, humidity, air quality, etc.


If the data is gathered the analysis is a very time-consuming job and require human resource. The goal of Cavity Eye is to ensure a system which will give more freetime not more work. The key is automation – reports and alerts. The system is able to send notifications according to intervention levels. Everybody can get relevant information just in time and make a decision based on facts and data.


With IoT platform the notification and intervention levels can be set easily – an e-mail can be sent or the machine can be stopped.