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Industry 4.0

We are at the edge of the 4th Industrial Revolution what will reform the current way of the factories. The common goal: gather the data, analyze and make the necessary interventions to increase productivity.

Waterflow System data-collecting and process control

The cooling phase is rougly 50-70% of the injection molding cycle time. The final part quality depends on the estabilished structure in injecting and cooling phase. The cooling phase is not monitored anyway the machine, but the final shinkage and warpage behaviour of the part depends on that phase. To understand and continously ensure the constant thermal behaviour of the mold during production, is a key to the successful manufacturing.

The Cavity Eye water flow measuring system could be easily integrated next to the other Cavity Eye products or used independently. The system is able to measure and control 16 sensors at the same time, which can measure temperature, flow and pressure.


The system can be used:

• Monitor, check and control the total tempering process

• Determine the cooling performance of every water circuits independently

• Identify the maintenance periods of water circuits

• Find and eleminate blocked circuits or leakage problems

• Generate reports and control the process



• Easily can be integrated to old and new machines

• Fits into the Cavity Eye network environment – Every device has same interface

• Post analyzing your process – even on your phone

• Set references and tolerances – real-time control of the machine

• E-mail alerts based on the references and tolerances