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march 30, 2022

Rácz Aranka

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New product on our palette


The substitute product for the Cavity Eye MPM8 plug is now available in our product palette. The functions of the SMS8 (Smart Mould Socket) are the same as the previous version but it contains every additional part required for the installation of 8 sensors. The parts provided with the product makes the work simpler on the customer’s side, since no longer necessary to purchase and store components sold only in large packages.

The SMS plugs can be ordered under new serial number. With every purchased device, an updated installation guide to make the installation process easier.



SCS és SCP442

In order to meet the customer needs even more and to monitor the injection moulding technology better we introduce the replacement of the SCP412 device. The new device (SCP442) is compatible with the currently used devices and plugs, but two additional analog input can be connected (screw position and injection pressure signal). The analog values can be handled by using the injection moulding machine’s own sensors or by installing external sensors where the power supply is secured by the device. Furthermore, the basic functions used with digital signals can be still used (trigger signal), the partial selection function is still available as option.

Considering the feedbacks, the new plug is supplied with a 2,5-meter-long cable instead of a 1 meter, therefore making easier to use in case of both mobile and fixed instruments.


SCS plug with 2,5 meter cable



Analog and digital input