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december 15, 2021

Rácz Aranka

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Professional Day at Cavity Eye

On 9th of December although the weather was not very welcoming but the hospitality of the Cavity Eye - according to the feedback from visitors of the Professional Day – compensated for it.

The event opened with the presentation of András Szűcs PhD, CTO. Next presenter was János Györgyi, Managing Director, who summarised the goals of the event – “we wanted shed light on the fact there is a way to prevent or predict the unexpected costs and how the product quality can be improved by a higher level of control of the injection moulding parameters.”

“In the USA several events are based on coffee breaks. Our original idea was similar, we wanted to ensure the maximum time for our guests to communicate. So they can hear from each other how they could reach better results through our services” – said András Szűcs PhD.

For this reason, we invited two guest lecturer, Zoltán Kiss from Payer Industries Hungary Kft. and Norbert Joó from Deltaplast Kft. Through case studies they showed their experiences about the application of Cavity Eye technologies.

After the theoretical part of the Professional Day, the visitors had chance to try out the technology, which could help them to get the right data at the right time and location. The practical presentation was performed on an Engel and a Boy injection moulding machine.

“On one hand we invited professionals who use Cavity Eye systems, and on the other hand those who plan to use it in the near future. This is our first event like this, our guests came from SEWS, Tyco, Tungsram, Payer Industries, and Deltaplast” – said János Györgyi.

Based on the positive feedback, we cannot promise that this event will not become regular.