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december 02, 2022

Rácz Aranka

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The CAVITY EYE customer support portal has been launched!

For Cavity Eye it was always an important goal to offer not just a pressure measuring system but technological knowledge for our customers so new possibilities can be discovered, new heights can be reached in injection moulding. This attitude followed our operations of the last 10 years in our customer support processes. We were striving to provide the best and fastest solution to any problem, feedback while keeping our partner’s need in mind.

Our company is committed to continuous development, so we are glad to announce the launch of the CAVITY EYE support portal (CES).

From 1st December 2022 the site available to our customers, where after a short registration they can report error, improper operation or other remarks related to our systems and services, as well as track the submitted reports.


You can access to portal via our website support menu or directly on

Our goal was to create a system which can directly connect our customers to the support team so they can react and solve the customer problems the most efficient way. Using the portal is quick and easy, optimized to phone as well, so the possible reports can easily be sent even from next to the injection moulding machine or tool.

Register today and take advantage of the ever-expanding possibilities of the portal!

The two videos below provide a little insight how the portal works