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december 06, 2022

Rácz Aranka

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There was no rest for Cavity Eye in 2022

The year of 2022 is soon coming to end, and it brought lot of changes and events to Cavity Eye’s life. The events required the most preparations were the international exhibitions. In the first half of the year our team attended the Control fair in Stuttgart, which centered around quality assurance solutions. Later thanks to our Italian partner, Sverital’s invite we participated at MECSPE in Bologna. The last quarter of the year was really busy for us with one of the largest and most prestigious exhibitions, the K2022. Although in the last 10 years the company was present at the K Show many times, but this year most of our colleagues were able to experience life at the fair personally. Our visitor could not only find good atmosphere and a helpful team but see the most recent developments, which will be available to our customers sometime next year. The last international stop was the Plast Eurasisa in Istambul, where our products were presented at Molde’s stand.


Besides the foreign fairs we had the opportunity the be exhibitor and guest speaker at Fanuc’s InHouse Show organised by and at their Hungarian site, where the main topic was the „Energy optimalisation in injection moulding”.


At Cavity Eye’s headquarter in Kecskemét we held professional day five times, which focused on COPQ and cost reduction possibilities in injection moulding. To our last event in November, we only invited tool makers, and we presented topics specifically designed for them. Our goal with the event was to connect professionals from different companies and experiences and spark professional discussions which could help them to find solutions to their problems. We would like to express our appreciation to our guest speakers for sharing their experiences through case studies.


The series of our events did not end, we organised 7 one-week long injection moulding trainings during the year, which hosted more than 70 participants with different backgrounds and level of experience (machine setters, technologist, engineers, quality). Our trainings can help anybody in the injection moulding industry to improve and utalise their professional knowledge. If with this training every participating colleague from the plant works 10% more efficiently every 10th colleague can focus on other tasks, projects.


Our training will continue in 2023, we will hold 2 courses in English and 7 in Hungarian:

     - 23-27. 01. 2023 (Hungarian)

     - 20-24. 02. 2023 (Hungarian)

     - 20-24. 03. 2023 (Hungarian)

     - 17-21. 04. 2023 (Hungarian)

     - 22-26. 05. 2023 (English)

     - 19-23. 06. 2023 (English)

     - 18-22. 09. 2023 (Hungarian)

     - 20-24. 11. 2023 (Hungarian)

     - 11-15. 12. 2023 (Hungarian)


Experience that 10% increase of efficiency and request your personalised quotation via our website or the email address.


"I would highly recommend this training to anybody connected to injection moulding. It provides great insights into the connection between the technology and practical experiences!" /engineer/

"It is a somewhat hard but very useful course which can highly improve the quality of my work." /machine setter/