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Cavity Eye employees are injection molders. Regardless of whether it is an existing or a new project, we advise on application technology, injection molding tools and the complete process along the entire value-adding chain.



Training - The key to your success


With technology continuous development the products, technological processes are also becoming more complex. To be able to follow the changes a diverse technical knowledge and experience is a must. One of the most sufficient way to acquire these skills and knowledge is training.


To keep competitiveness, it is necessary to ensure the adequate product quality. To influence the physical process during production, one should have knowledge not only about the used equipment but what effects the parameter settings have. Even on the most modern machines the workers (machine setters, engineers) will set the quality ensuring parameters, they need to find a problem’s real reason (a faulty mould or a problem with machine settings), and fix the problem. With training they will be able to collect the needed information to make a quicker and more effective decision, therefore raising productivity, quality and reducing customer complaint.

Why choose Cavity Eye training

The topics of Cavity Eye training were determined based on professional and practical experiences. With More than 10 years’ experience in education and development, trainings completed by near 1000 participants, a unique quality education is guaranteed, for everybody from beginners to professionals with years of experience.

Injection molding technology training

Injection moulding technology trainng (5 days theory + practice)

This training for those who has experience in injection moulding. Completing the training the participants get such theoretical knowledge in topics like material, machine, mould, and technology, what they can effectively use in practice too.


Below you can download the training topic after registration.

Injection molding technology training



One-day training for tool designers with the following subjects: selection of the appropriate measuring points; choosing the necessary Cavity Eye devices; planning and modelling of the modifications necessary to install the components into the mold.



One-day training for mold maintenance and electrical maintenance person with the topics of installation of Cavity Eye mold-side devices, performing pre-installation checks, mold testing after installation, detecting and eliminating errors.


Application and technology

One-day training for machine setters, technologist, injection molding engineers to learn about and use the Cavity Eye measuring system; understand pressure curves and determine what information can be gained from it and how to use it in everyday production; and how to set injection molding process based on cavity pressure measurement.


Advanced pressure measurement

One-day training for machine setters, technologist, injection molding engineers where they learn about how to use cavity pressure measurement during process setting and optimalization; how to use the gained data for troubleshooting and root-cause analysis; shor and long term data analysis and case studies are presented as well.
This training is recommended for those who have already participated in an Application and Technology training.


Installation workshop for maintenance

One-day training for machine maintainers and electricians. The topic is the installation of the measuring system on the injection molding machine, checking the operation of the devices,  identifying errors and troubleshooting.


The training topics are available to download after login/registration.


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