Los empleados de Cavity Eye son especialistas en inyección de plástico. Tanto para proyectos existentes como para nuevos proyectos, proporcionamos un servicio de consultoría en tecnología de aplicaciones, moldes para inyección y para procesos completos a lo largo de toda la cadena de valor añadido.

Let’s start together

Cavity Eye provides services to guarantee the success. We believe that the cavity pressure application is easy, but the new customers have to understand and study the basic rules of this technology. The best way is to make the first projects together, from design to DOE, so all our partners can learn the application of Cavity Eye technology. If you need more training, we have injection molding training from beginners to experts.


The preparation of the first project is done online. We consult about the goal of the project, former production failures and statistics, instrumentation, sensor positions, design, modification and manufacturing.

Personal support – 3 days at your company

After the online preparation, we visit the production plant of the customers and install the sensors together, then test the mold in toolshop. After the mold clamp, we optimize the process by cavity pressure. A Cavity Eye engineer gives a training of “curve reading” and DOE analysis based on cavity pressure.


The software and other applications also the part of the training. After the training, one-two days production will be analyzed. Stability, and production restart also based on cavity pressure. During the first project, the Customer gets enough experience to handle the second one on his own.

Personal support – 3 days at your company